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Hardware Makes the Difference in Your Garage Cabinets

As you build your custom garage, it’s the little details that make a big difference, in terms of appeal and style. At Motor City Garages, we recognize that your garage cabinet hardware can make a big difference in the way your new organization system looks. For this reason, we have several different choices available:

Standard Arch Pulls

Standard arch pulls

For the traditional look, choose black, bronze or satin nickel arched hand pulls.

Rod hand pulls

Rod hand pulls

If your tastes lean toward sleek and modern, consider our rod hand pulls, which are available in both stainless steel and satin nickel. These come in different sizes, depending on the cabinet specifics.

Extruded hand pulls

Extruded hand pulls

These are easy to grip and are made from aluminum. They lend a uniquely modern appearance to your cabinets.

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