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Matte Garage Cabinets | Michigan | Motor City Garage Cabinets

Our matte garage cabinets add an element of elegance and understated style to your garage. If you want your vehicle or the floors to be the main focal point in your garage, matte cabinets, available in two color choices, may be the perfect style for you.

Our Matte Cabinets Are Available in Silver and White

All of our garage cabinets are made with the same attention to detail and high-quality features. You have your choice of two colors if you decide to go with the matte garage cabinets.

Silver Matte Finish Sample


Our silver cabinets are not shiny; they have an appealingly smooth, matte look to them. These add a bit of visual interest without taking over the look of the garage.

White Matte Finish Sample


If you desire a clean, crisp look, our matte white cabinets are the logical choice. These are bright and light, giving your garage an open, uncluttered look


Both of our matte options are easy to care for; just wipe them down periodically and they’re good to go!

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